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Already blessed with an artistic eye and technical skill, Yici Chen has examined the inner worlds of society and psychology that art can uniquely illuminate. These attributes have combined to help the Orange Lutheran claim Artist of the Year honors in handcrafted visual arts.

In his final portfolio, Chen offered three different choices: a set of three dioramas with hand-painted clay figures; a gouache watercolor of a village in Scotland; and a series of ink drawings with micron pens

The collection of clay pieces underscored Chen’s interest in sociology. Entitled “Social Images,” he made a cleverly subversive and humorous statement about how people choose to grow up on social media, contrasting with reality and the totality of their real situations.

Yici Chen, senior at Orange Lutheran High School, is the Visual Crafts Artist of the Year. (Photo by Xiangguo Chen)

In each of the pieces, focusing on only one part of themselves, the characters present false impressions.

By simulating what she called “exquisite lives,” said Chen, “social media is intensifying this phenomenon among today’s younger generations, creating toxic environments in which they can grow up, causing anxiety and self-reliance. charge”.

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Likewise, in the pen drawings, titled “With and Without,” Chen examined the psychological dualities of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and bulimia. The six drawings showed the flip side of each mental disorder: what strangers see and what people with the disease experience.

One day, Chen says she wishes she could pick up her sketchbook and hit the road.

“I want to travel the world, hear tales and folk tales from all over the world,” she said. “After hearing the tales, I will turn these tales into illustrations, children’s books or toys. “

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Chen’s original portfolio, mostly still lifes and portraits with different media, showed his technical skills. She plans to specialize in illustration at university.

In discussing his work, the judges called him “alive and fanciful” while he also does not shy away from “the obscurity that resides in many of us”.

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Chapman Assistant Professor Justice Kristin Campbell wrote: “Yici Chen has the soul of an artist. She is drawn to analyzing and representing the innermost thoughts of herself and others.

Judge Brian Schultz, professor of ceramics at Capistrano Valley High, said his work “blew my brain!”

Finalists in visual arts crafts

Handcrafted visual arts are divided into four specialties: ceramics, hand drawing and painting, mixed media, and sculpture and metalwork. Artist of the Year Yici Chen is the finalist in Hand Drawing and Painting.

The other finalists are:

Ceramic: Heather Lynn Rocheford, El Dorado High School

Heather Lynn Rocheford of Fullerton, a final year student at El Dorado High School, is the handcrafted visual arts finalist in the ceramics specialty for Artist of the Year in 2021. (Photo with l courtesy of Lionel Sanchez)

With the intention of going to nursing school, Heather Lynn Rocheford, a senior at El Dorado High, demonstrated a different skill set by becoming Ceramic Artist of the Year. Proclaiming a love of ceramics since discovering a clay bag, Rocheford has been described by her teacher as gifted and prolific, with an eye for decorative rather than functional pieces.

Mixed media: Junzhu Zhang, Orange County School of the Arts

Junzhu Zhang of Santa Ana, a final year student at Orange County School of the Arts, is the Visual Arts Crafts Finalist in Mixed Media Specialty for Artist of the Year in 2021. (Photo courtesy of courtesy of Fan Zhang)

Junzhu Zhang writes that he drew before speaking to communicate with his parents in a special way. As a mixed media laureate, the Orange County School of the Arts senior has a vast artistic vocabulary, with a provocative portfolio that challenges viewers and showcases works of art ranging from sculpture to painting and drawing to clothing. fashion.

Sculpture and ironwork: Juhyun Park, Orange County School of the Arts

Juhyun Park by Irvine, a final year student at Orange County School of the Arts, is the visual arts crafts finalist in the specialty of sculpture and metalwork for Artist of the Year in 2021. (Photo courtesy of Juhyun Park)

Juhyun Park, a senior at the Orange County School of the Arts, may be the first person to accept the mission of creating jewelry from wire and turning it into a stop motion video of staples, with an underlying message of the availability of the individual in modern times. the company, oh yeah, and they also do a great job with silver, brass on copper, as you would expect from the winner of the sculpture and metalwork specialty.


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