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Why Fitness is Vital for Your Overall Well Being

If you are striving to gain overall wellness, it is important to recognize that fitness is at the core of this goal. Contrary to popular belief, fitness is not that hard to achieve. You can’t judge how fit a person is just by taking a look at them. The fittest person in the room might not be the one who looks impressive at first glance. So having unrealistic views on fitness is meaningless. As far as fitness goes, your hearth is what’s really important. Your body might not look like the standard definition of being “fit” but that does not mean you are not fit. Your fitness is not always proportional to how your body looks like. The real measure of fitness is cardio. If you are really concerned about fitness, your cardio is the real deal. When you have a healthy heart it will lead to other benefits such as strong muscles, strong bones, weight loss, and increased lung capacity

Significance of fitness

A sedentary life has ushered in many diseases. A lot of people recognize the importance of exercise and staying fit. But, not a lot of people are able to make time for exercise due to a hectic schedule. If you wish to be healthy and avoid a variety of diseases, then it is crucial that you perform cardiovascular exercises regularly. We are all aware of heart disease being a dangerous silent killer. Diabetes, stroke, colon cancer, and many more are usually attributed to lack of physical fitness. Exercising regularly can provide you with a variety of benefits and ultimately allow you to take control of your weight. And another benefit is that you can combat the effects of aging.

Exercise provides psychological benefits

Exercise not only provides physical benefits, but also psychological. If you exercise you will feel good due to the release of the happy hormone, endorphin, which can reduce stress significantly. It will brighten up your mood. It is also able to combat depression. If you’re quite the fitness enthusiast who exercises daily, then most likely you have a positive view on life. It also provides you with better self esteem and a good night’s rest. You won’t have to complain about experiencing fatigue and regular exercise can also provide better memory.

Amount of exercise necessary to maintain fitness

This has been a topic of debate for many years. Different people have different opinions and advice. But one thing is for sure, regular exercise is the best place to go. 30 minutes of exercise a day is more than enough to maintain fitness. Many would also suggest exercising 5 times a week, which is also good. The most surefire way is to exercise daily. Your brain will slowly adapt to this new lifestyle and will slowly crave for the feel good hormones which will then make you look for a good workout on a daily basis. It will become part of your biological clock, so it’s going to make it easy for you to become well adjusted to your new lifestyle.

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