Visual Media Students Design Library Window Artwork


Visual Media Students Design Library Window Artwork

The Dennis Lab School Library will have a new showcase thanks to the efforts of visual media students at Millikin University. The Dennis Millikin Partnership unveiled the new artwork designs for the library windows during a presentation on November 22 at Dennis Lab School.

Millikin visual media students in the new arts technology major collaborated with the Dennis Student Council to design artwork for the large library windows seen to the east of the facility’s monarch wing. from Dennis Lab School.

Dennis’ student council as well as Dennis-Millikin faculty and community members were actively involved in the design presentations. The student council played a pivotal role in the project by working with Millikin visual media students on how they wanted their school reflected in the design.

The artwork was created by teams of students from the Computer Art and Design course at Millikin led by Jessa Wilcoxen, digital media teacher at Millikin. Design students included: Amber Maiberger, a senior studio art major from Oak Lawn, Ill .; Sara Schilling, second year digital media marketing major from Lerna, Illinois; Rogelio Diaz, sophomore graphic design student at Decatur, Ill.; Jake Lakin, a sophomore graphic design student from Rochester, Ill .; Briana Watters, sophomore graphic design student in Vermilion, Ill .; Aubrie Sabin, major in Music Business from Rockford, Ill .; Oliver Czopek, a communications senior from Oswego, Illinois; Aryana Johnson, a major junior in art studio from Maywood, Ill .; and Francisco Gama, a graphic design junior from Aurora, Illinois.

Dennis Millikin Partnership

“We had a graphic design class with Dennis Lab School to design artwork for the library windows,” said Trevor May, Dennis Millikin Partnership Liaison. “We thought it would be a great opportunity to involve both groups of students to design and build it. Millikin students met Dennis students and talked about what they do inside the classroom, outside the classroom, and how they relate to the community and Millikin from different manners. “

Millikin University alumni Robert Burtnett ’99, Brady Rhoades ’09 and Francine Moyer ’01 were in attendance for the presentation, providing commentary for the Millikin class presentations.

Dennis Millikin Partnership

“We wanted to show how amazing the Dennis School is in our design,” said Rogelio Diaz. “The students take great pride in their work in trying to make the community a better place. Students have the skills to become leaders one day.

The designs included highlights from the western community of Decatur, butterfly themes, and a space theme.

Dennis Millikin Partnership

Trevor May noted, “I liked all of the designs because they were unique. Each design showed Dennis in a very interesting light. It’s always interesting to see how others perceive Dennis and how they perceive the partnership.

Going forward, Dennis-Millikin faculty and administrators will determine which design will be selected and whether any further changes need to be made. The Dennis Millikin Partnership is working with Pepsi Refreshment Services to co-op the cost of printing and applying vinyl shades to the windows of the Dennis Library.

Art technology in Millikin

The Arts Technology Major at Millikin University College of Fine Arts fosters creative skills and provides hands-on learning experiences in the fields of Live Entertainment Technology, Audio, Video , graphic design, digital photography, animation and digital web design and communications.

Through the Visual Media Concentration, students use their visual communication problem solving skills to create digital media through design, animation, photography, as well as site design and development. Web. Students also have the opportunity to work with real clients and come up with solutions to business problems.

Dennis Millikin Partnership

Dennis Millikin Partnership

The Dennis Millikin partnership is built on the synergy between performance-based learning (Millikin) and project-based learning (Dennis). This approach allows collaborative proposals, such as the artwork from the library window, to flourish. This unique parallel is made possible by the flexibility of time and resources with which the partnership humbly attributes its many successes. The partnership is positively impacting students on both campuses in a real-world application that continues to advance their social development, post-secondary education and career preparation.

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