Visual analysis of Real Madrid’s draw against Villarreal


Real Madrid dropped two crucial points at La Ceramica against Villarreal – an opponent who tactically outplayed Los Blancos for the second time this season. Here’s a brief graphic thread on the disappointing draw before Real Madrid traveled to Paris for another mammoth game:

Transit network

Real Madrid’s reliance on Vinicius Jr was pretty obvious. But Villarreal did pretty well, especially in the first half. The horizontal proximity of Casemiro and Toni Kroos is a notable wrinkle. Gareth Bale was largely out of touch with the team except for a few encouraging moments before he left.


Toni Kroos had to operate from top to bottom and all over the pitch. Some of his long diagonal balls to Dani Carvajal and Marco Asensio on the right flank were vintage.

Finally: Asensio, off the ball

We try to follow the movement of the ball with pass receiving areas. Much of Asensio’s movement between two pass receiving events within 10 seconds is around closed circuits. As a striker, he could serve Madrid better if he can try to find better spaces in a quicker exchange of passes.


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