UNITOM, northern quarter bookstore, print gallery and visual arts store


UNITOM is now open on Stevenson Square …

Visual arts oriented print bookstore and gallery UNITY has now launched on Stevenson Square, offering a handpicked selection of cultural and artistic inspiration.

UNITOM will house a wide range of publications on contemporary art, design, fashion, photography and counterculture, as well as a wide range of independent magazines and small press titles, all from a variety of artists and publishers from all over the world.

Everything from publisher names like Taschen and Phaidon, to hide imports like Brand balance Korean magazine and even locally self-published art zines. You can even have a cool filter coffee while you cruise.

Along with the publications, UNITOM will also stock an organized collection of lifestyle brands. Many of them will be the only destination where you can buy these products throughout the city.

From the Swiss accessories brand Freitag, who put sustainability at the forefront of their production, to London undercover, a quintessentially British brand that creates luxury handcrafted umbrellas.

In addition, UNITOM will offer iconic automatic rocker clocks from TWEMCO, the best coffee paraphernalia in Kinto and quality stationery by Bone marrow, Kaweco and Penco.

There will even be a selection of unique skateboards from the Brussels brand. The rink, who collaborate with renowned artists such as Keith harring and Paul mccarthy.

The store will also carry a range of exclusive prints and artist’s editions, including works by Mateus bailon, Snik, Conor Harrington, Ben Levy and Ian H. Williams. Keep an eye out for book launches, book signings, and art print releases that will be hosted in store throughout 2022.

The directors of the concept store know the art world well, Matthew Palentine and Wini Tse d’Art Advisory, Universal tomorrow. Matthew has carved a career out of his talent from developing collections for clients to coaching and shaping career paths for artists, while Wini has over 20 years of design and design experience. conducting creative marketing campaigns in digital, television and print media.

Former Magma Manchester manager Tim Bell was recruited to run the store, bringing with him his 15+ years of knowledge and passion.

UNITOM Co-Director Matthew Palentine said:
“With UNITOM, our goal is to spark conversation and culture through creativity and craftsmanship, which is why we have spent a lot of time selecting the brands, art, authors and magazines that will feature. on our shelves. We pride ourselves on showcasing local publishers, underground artists, unique items you wouldn’t come across every day, and with that, we aspire to create shared experiences and discussions in store and online.

UNITOM Co-Director Wini Tse added:
“We also want to provide a unique voice to retail in Manchester and provide an international destination for people who love and collect art, are crazy about books and magazines, appreciate art and skill and good filter coffee. I hope UNITOM will be a hub for the city’s creatives, not just a store, but a place to learn something new, appreciate something beautiful and have a good old conversation.


UNITOM is open now, find them at 1A Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DN.




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