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The Revelstoke Visual Art Center (RVAC) has opened its newest gallery, featuring three special artists of varying styles.

With their previous gallery completed on September 1, RVAC opened its doors, welcoming four new artists to their galleries on Thursday, September 16. With Brett Mallon filling the walls and floor of the main gallery, Delree Dumont (Wâpiski Kihéw Esquao), Darian Goldin Stahl and Keely Halward occupied the remaining galleries.

People attending the final exhibition in the main gallery of the Visual Arts Center in Revelstoke (Zachary Delaney)

The doors to the gallery opened Thursday at 5:00 p.m. At 6:30 p.m. there was a crowd of over 25 people chatting, drinking, and viewing the artwork in the new exhibit. With more open space, many groups congregated in the main gallery, where Brett Mallon’s work was displayed.

Brett Mallon's 'Desire Lines' exhibition is on view at Revelstoke Visual Arts Center (Zachary Delaney)

Brett Mallon’s ‘Desire Lines’ exhibition is on view at Revelstoke Visual Arts Center (Zachary Delaney)

Mallon’s exhibition –Desire Lines– features paintings, sculptures and drawings. His work is described as abstract expressionism, which shines through in the color and form of his art. Dividing the middle of the main gallery, Mallon has four sculptures named Vessel(s) one, two, three and four. The white tone of the sculptures offers a change of pace from the luminosity of the paintings on the walls.

Outside the main gallery – in gallery one – When We Realize We Been Distracted by Keely Halward fills the walls with color and circles. Halward’s “Mountain Moon” series features reimagined mountain landscapes in a circular form, which is developed for the exhibition. Her work uses brilliant tones, mixed marks and new media.

In the second side gallery, Darian Goldin Stahl’s medically inspired exhibition aims to examine how the visual and material elements of healthcare affect people’s well-being. With various textures, colors and materials, Stahl’s unique display packs a big punch into a small space.

Delree Dumont exhibition at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.  (Zachary Delaney)

Delree Dumont exhibition at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. (Zachary Delaney)

The third side gallery hosted that of Delree Dumont (Wâpiski Kihéw Esquao), which was as instructive as it was breathtaking. Pointillism is a form that figured prominently in Dumont’s work. The dots in her work lend an element of surrealism and texture to her work that is often likened to beadwork. In addition to paintings, Dumont also exhibited pearls and leather goods.

A group examines one of Delree Dumont's pieces (Wâpiski Kihéw Esquao).  (Zachary Delaney)

A group examines one of Delree Dumont’s pieces (Wâpiski Kihéw Esquao). (Zachary Delaney)

After a successful first evening, the exhibition will be there for the rest of the month until October 9th.

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