The Beck Center for the Arts presents an annual visual arts exhibit to the faculty


LAKEWOOD, Ohio – For much of the past decade, the Beck Center for the Arts has proudly showcased the artistic work of its visual arts faculty and staff.

This year’s exhibit, which is free and open to the public, is currently open through August 21 in the Jean Bulicek Galleria, located on the first floor of the Lakewood Campus Main Building, 17801 Detroit Ave.

The Beck Center’s assistant director of education, Jessica McGrath, said the exhibit had a huge impact on current and future students.

“We do this so that we can showcase the talent of our teachers and inspire everyone who comes through our doors, including students who may end up taking classes with some of these teachers,” McGrath said.

“We often see students signing up for a class because they saw some really cool art from one of our teachers.”

The Beck Center for the Arts presents its faculty’s visual arts exhibit until August 21 in the Jean Bulicek Galleria, located on the first floor of the main building on the Lakewood campus. (Photo courtesy of Beck Center for the Arts)

The current exhibition highlights the work of Sue Ambro, Herbert Ascherman III, Danielle Dore, Ryan Finley, Andrew Barclay Flinn, Allison Bogard Hall, Cassandra Harner, Jocelynn Lash, Tanya Long, Jessica McGrath, Linda Merchant Pearce, Paul Passano, Alastair James Stockdale, Patricia Hanahan Sigmier and Heather Molecke.

“Here at the Beck Center, we are honored to have a dedicated faculty who share their knowledge and insights with students every time they walk into a classroom,” said Beck Center Director of Education, Ed Gallagher, in a press release.

“This annual exhibit is a way to showcase their talents and creativity, which is reflected in every piece in the exhibit.”

McGrath said the mediums on display range from comic arts, watercolours, pastels, oil and acrylic to pottery, polymer clay, bronze sculpture, digital arts and multimedia.

“It’s a chance to see art that you wouldn’t normally see, because our teachers can express the things they love to work on that you might not be able to do specifically in class – like broach the subject. of gender expression or environmental concerns,” McGrath said.

While the Beck Center offers approximately 300 classes per week at all levels, approximately 200 students currently attend 35 visual arts classes. McGrath said that marked the highest number of registrations at the Beck Center in some time.

She also hopes that these numbers will increase after visitors visit the faculty’s visual arts exhibit.

“I want them to be inspired after seeing the exhibit,” McGrath said. “I want them to see that there are endless possibilities of where you can go with art.”

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