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RAPID CITY – The 2022 South Dakota State Visual Arts Competition was held in Rapid City from March 17-19.

The local winners of the event are listed below:

• Class A 3RD PLACE — Grace Norling, Beresford High School;


• Class A 3RD PLACE — Marshall Lyle, Beresford High School;

• CHAMPION Class A — Olivia Anderson, Parker;

• CLASS B MENTION — Kate Teunissen, Alcester-Hudson;

• CLASS A MENTION — Rachel Becker, Parker;

• CLASS A MENTION — Josie Leberman, Parker;

• Class A CHAMPION — Kelsie Knutson, Beresford;

• CHAMPION Class A — Anthony Anderson, Parker;


• Class A 3RD PLACE — Lanie Kaas, Parker;

• CHAMPION Class A — Addy Wills, Beresford;

• CLASS A MENTION — Addy Wills, Beresford;

• CHAMPION Class A — Bogdan Maruskevych, Parker;

• Class A 3RD PLACE — Rylie Hoerner, Vermillion;

• Class AA 3RD PLACE — Arturo Alonso Tenorio, Yankton;

• Class A 3RD PLACE — Keely Merrigan, Beresford;

• CHAMPION class AA — Arturo Alonso Tenorio, Yankton;

• CLASS A MENTION — Derek Maas, Beresford;

• CHAMPION Class A — Stella Postma, Parker.

The Best in Show award is given to one entry in each class, regardless of category, with the highest ranking by the State Gallery judges.

• The best in this year’s Class A exhibition, with 200 points out of a possible 210 in the mixed media category, is Anthony Anderson of Parker High School.


The overall team champion award is given to a school in each class that accumulates the most points in the competition in all categories of the State Gallery.

Class B — 1, North West (Coach: Jennifer Schell); 2, Mount Vernon (Coach: Dana Schuldt)

Class A – 1, Parker (Trainer Dave Fuller); 2, Aberdeen Roncalli (Coach: Amy Heinz)

Class AA — 1, Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School (Coaches: Lisa Dresch and Erin Nguyen); 2, Sioux Falls Jefferson High School (Coach: Brit Carmany


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