Songtradr acquires Visual-Media Tunefind music database


Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire

The songtradr music licensing and distribution platform has officially acquired the Tunefind visual media music database.

Songtradr, which raised $ 30 million in an August 2020 Series C, unveiled the high-profile purchase this morning, via an official statement that was shared with Digital Music News. The deal comes about six weeks after Songtradr’s takeover of music and sound design company Song Zu and one week after the company acquired the seven-year live music licensing platform Pretzel.

Tunefind is “the world’s most comprehensive database and online source for music information in television, movies, and video games,” according to the announcement post, and prides itself on “a active community of millions of monthly users ”. In addition, the 16-year-old database has partnered with 250 “senior” music supervisors to directly obtain information on soundtracks from popular movies, TV shows and video games.

Addressing Songtradr’s latest investment – the financial terms of which were not specified in the press release – CEO Paul Wiltshire said: “Tunefind is a key industry trusted resource for the use of music in all. the main entertainment formats. The depth of its database and its coverage are unprecedented.

“As we pursue our ambition to develop the best tools for B2B music discovery, Tunefind’s encyclopedia of music used in television, film and video games has considerable unrealized value, and our extensive data on the use of advertising music will expand Tunefind’s offering. “

Tunefind Managing Director Amanda Byers, whose company also provides “API data services” to Plex and Chartmetric, added in part, “Songtradr’s ecosystem and technology is accelerating Tunefind from a product and service perspective. data so that we can continue to provide the best resource for the industry. “

It’s also worth noting that in November 2020, Songtradr purchased UK-based sync licensing company Cuesongs following a $ 1 million investment in the Jaxsta music credit database. Songtradr has also signed an exclusive five-year agreement with the latter, and according to this latest version, the entities “recently completed their first integration giving Jaxsta users seamless access to claim neighboring rights through”

In other acquisition news, Concord announced yesterday that it had acquired Downtown’s 145,000 track catalog, in a deal valued at over $ 300 million. (The city center intends to focus on its music services division in the future.) Additionally, the 360-degree artist platform Artist Republik has acquired the Featured remote collaboration platform. X earlier this month, while Triller’s parent company, TrillerNet, bought and FITE.

Finally, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has expressed interest in buying Arsenal Football Club if it goes on sale.


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