POZ Awards 2021 / Best in Visual Arts


Welcome to the 6th edition of the POZ Awards, showcasing the best of HIV in media and culture.

POZ editorial staff select the nominees, but POZ readers choose the winners.

Eligible nominees were active or were featured, published or produced between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

This year’s POZ Awards are a bit different, as many of our regular categories have not been filled due to challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stages, cinemas, concert halls and artists of all kinds have been affected by this new virus, and the cultural rewards are testament to it. Even the Tony Awards had to cut categories this year. So in that regard, you can think of this year’s POZ Awards to be just like the Tonys.

Be sure to vote for your favorite nominees before the World AIDS Day deadline: Wednesday, December 1, 2021.


Here are the nominees:

U equals to fuck you

From the brain and, um, other parts of him, gay adult movie star Kayden Gray gives us a super sexy, funny and informative romp (or ride?) In this two-part movie. Part porn, part romance, U equals to fuck you pairs Gray with avant-garde performance artist Bishop Black to navigate truly steamy sex by educating viewers about HIV and how a person living with HIV, on treatment, successfully with an undetectable viral load, cannot transmit the virus sexually, a concept known as undetectable equals untransmissible (U = U). To help get the anti-stigma message across, RuPaul’s Drag race Breakout star Bianca Del Rio is also on hand to hilariously add her two cents on the differences between HIV and AIDS, along with etiquette tips and tricks for conversations around the issue. Gray also released a PG version (no gender, alas) for people who just want the information. U = U has never been so hot!

A day without art 2020: transmissions

Visual AIDS, the organization that supports the use of art in the fight against HIV / AIDS while supporting artists living with HIV, has commissioned six new videos exploring the impact of HIV and AIDS on beyond the United States. Jorge Bordello (Mexico), Gevi Dimitrakopoulou (Greece), Lucía Egaña Rojas (Chile / Spain), Las Indetectables (Chile), Charan Singh (India / UK) and George Stanley Nsamba (Uganda) have created films showing how the he experience of HIV is shared or very different in communities around the world. These films are vibrant and wildly creative, showing that Visual AIDS once again challenges our senses and emotions when it comes to stories about HIV. And to extend the reach of these films, they have also been made available with English, French, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Polish and Japanese subtitles.

The more you can Ho

These crazy Skipping Boyz Productions have done it again! From the team who brought you the HIV musical comedy web series, Thank you, has come a sexy and fun series of fully shareable public service videos featuring the characters from the series. Based on the “The More You Know” TV spots in the 1990s, this series of seven short videos and one song (the grand finale!) Thank you. The main message of the series was that the more you know about HIV, health and prevention, the more you can get out and about. We mean, have a good time. Well you know what we mean!


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