Opening of the second part of the visual arts exhibition


The second series of the three-part visual arts exhibition Crop Over 2022 Central Bank will open today, Wednesday the 13th, at Queen’s Park Gallery.

After the first series that ended last week “Freedom Matters”, the second series “#FutureFRWD” will continue until Wednesday August 3rd.

The “#FutureFRWD” exhibit, which can be viewed on its opening night, aims to encapsulate elements of youth through digital, interactive and new media. The evening will include performances and activities such as live painting, projection art and a “sip and paint” session.

For this exhibition, young artists both in age and experience were encouraged to express themselves and their identity in relation to their connection to “nude media”.

`Through 2D, 3D, photography and ‘nu media’ artwork, this showcase seeks to ask its participating artists and viewers a series of questions, such as “Are all empowered to develop their natural gifts and talents ?”; “Are we free to express ourselves? “.

The Barbados Central Bank’s Crop Over Visual Arts exhibition ‘Against All Odds’ was inspired by the recognition of the resilience of

The Barbadian people who have been exhibited through the paintings, prints and other works of local artists.

As a complete work, “Against All Odds” has been conceptualized to highlight how Barbados’ strength of character has been shaped by hardship and adversity, past and present. Themes addressed in the exhibit include plantation slavery, economic disenfranchisement, and global factors such as threats of war and the COVID-19 pandemic.

NCF Cultural Officer for Visual Arts, Rodney Ifill, was the producer of the Crop Over Visual Arts exhibition, assisted by guest curator Oneka Small.

After citing major ‘acts of emancipation’, from the abolition of slavery to Barbados’ transition to a Republic, it is fitting that the first part of the exhibition sought to answer the titular ‘Questions of Freedom’ .

Falling at the start of emancipation season, this exhibit ran from Wednesday, May 25 through Wednesday, July 6.

The last part of the exhibition entitled “Our Land” will be visible from Wednesday August 10 to Wednesday August 31. Artists were asked to create pieces that would interrogate how the Barbadian landscape is perceived and measured beyond its aesthetic value, emphasizing the manipulation of natural resources and their utilitarian importance.

There are a total of 27 artists featured in the three segments of the exhibition, carefully selected from over 33 entries.

Among the artists are the eminent Ras Akyem Ramsay, recipient of the 2012 Caribbean Luminary of the Arts Award, the 2010 Lifetime Achievements Award in the Visual Arts and more.

Among the more experienced artists, however, works by many emerging artists are also featured, including Jamila Greaves, Sian Pamprllonne, Akilah Watts and Shane Eastmond.

As a guest curator, one of Small’s suggestions was to interview artists and have the information gathered be used to create artist profiles to feature in a digital catalog.

Sample artworks that make up one to two pieces per artist will be included in the catalogs, as seen in the first ‘Freedom Matters’ catalog. It will be in an effort to capture what Rodney Ifill describes as the work of the artists; the progression and trajectory of their bodies of work.


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