New Visual Arts Exhibit Invites Kids to Create and Collaborate at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan


The Children’s Museum of Manhattan presents Inside Art: Create, Climb, Collaborate, a new exhibit of monumental art installations that encourage creative place-making, self-expression and community opening in June.

As part of CMOM’s acclaimed series of interactive visual art exhibits for young learners, this installation invites children to touch, climb, contribute and fully immerse themselves in the commissioned artwork on display.

The exhibition will feature City Canvas, a two-story, multi-room installation in which contemporary artworks can be both seen and made on location. The installation, created by the German architectural firm BARarchitektenis destined to evolve over the course of the exhibition with new works by artists and visitors, offering them a space to leave their mark on the exteriors, interiors and passages of the installation.

Additionally, the exhibit will include a surreal three-dimensional assemblage of twisting house interiors that children can walk through, called House Accumulation. Created by New York-based Spanish artist Isidro Blasco, this work invites visitors to test their balance skills while making their way through the unusual house. Combining the practices of architecture, photography and installation, the work interweaves dreamlike fragments of windows, doorways and other familiar forms to encourage explorations of perception and spatial memory. .

Also expect a collaborative tree sculpture that invites visitors to share their wishes and hopes. Wish was created by Harlem-based Cuban, Puerto Rican and Japanese artist Aya Rodriguez-Izumi. This collaborative work was based on the Japanese tradition of Ema, in which community members share prayers, wishes and expressions of gratitude. Visitors are invited to sit by a soothing floor-to-ceiling pink tree sculpture and record a wish, hope or dream on wooden plaques which are then hung on a tree for others to read. . With the addition of new wishes throughout the exhibition, the installation will continue to expand, forming a space for reflection and collective communication.

Opening on June 18, 2022, Inside Art: create, climb, collaborate will be accompanied by daily artistic creation programs in the Inside Art Maker space supervised by resident artists and art educators from the CMOM.

“Reflecting our dynamic role in New York City’s cultural and educational ecosystem, CMOM has continued to expand its research-supported programs and exhibits to focus on key issues facing children today, to mitigate the socio-emotional impact and learning loss experienced by children. from all walks of life during the pandemic,” said Program Director Leslie Bushara. “CMOM’s visual art exhibits provide an important platform for our youngest New Yorkers to engage with current issues through art and artistic creation. Our new edition of Inside Art puts the lessons of the past two years into practice, emphasizing the importance of personal connections between people and places and of building healthy and creative communities together.


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