NCTD Releases Visual Analysis and Mapping for Del Mar Cliffs Fence Proposal


DEL MAR, Calif. (CNS) – The North County Transit District on Friday released a visual analysis of the proposed fence project for construction along the railroad tracks on the cliffs of Del Mar.

The agency said the current plan to erect nearly 7,000 feet of fencing along the cliff face includes several changes implemented following public comment.

These include reducing the total length of the fence from 12,960 feet to 6,876 feet, reducing the height of the fences from six to four feet for about half the project and, in some areas, replacing the fences to. diamond meshes offered by post and cable fences.

NCTD said the recently released analysis “addresses the potential effects of the fence on public views.”

The full analysis, mapping and simulations can be viewed at

“Mapping and visual analysis is the next step in NCTD’s collaboration with the Coast Commission and the City of Del Mar to improve the safety, reliability of rail service and provide safe and legal access to the beaches of Del Mar” , we read in a press release from the NCTD.

The fence proposal is part of a plan to boost security amid concerns of train intruders who have been struck by trains.

However, some Del Mar residents insisted the project would raise its own safety concerns in terms of eroding the already unstable cliffs and obstructing a potential escape route in the event of a forest fire. Residents also complained that the proposed fence would unduly hamper their access to the beach.

The NCTD said a working group established by Del Mar, the Coast Commission and the NCTD would continue to meet to assess alternatives to the project, with a deadline of December 31 for the completion of the working group’s efforts to reach a negotiated agreement for the project.


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