Launch of an art and visual media competition to raise awareness of the problem of marine litter in the Port of Cork


CLEAN Coasts have partnered with Cork County Council and Bus Éireann to launch ‘Cork Harbor – Creating Change’, a visual arts and media competition for young people.

The art and visual media competition is specifically aimed at young people aged 11-19 and focused on tackling Cork Harbor’s marine litter problem.

It also aims to help promote the respectful treatment of Cork Harbor’s coastal environments among young people who live in and enjoy the area.

Mayor of County Cork, Cllr. Gillian Coughlan said: “This contest is a great opportunity for young people to use their creativity and educate their peers about the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to waste. County Cork is blessed with some of the most beautiful coastline in the country, we must each play our part in protecting it.

Sinead McCoy, Coastal Communities Manager at Clean Coasts, added: “County Cork and in particular the Cork Harbor area has spectacular coastlines which we must protect at all costs. This contest is a way to inform their peers about the problem of marine litter, encourage them to get involved in keeping the coasts clean and celebrate the beauty of the Cork Harbor region.

Organizers are calling on young people near the Cork Harbor area to get creative and raise awareness of the marine litter issue by creating a poster and short video campaign that lets young people know why people should clean up their waste before leaving the beach. .

The aim of the competition is for young people aged 11-19 to design an A3 poster (11-15) or short video (15-19) and come up with a slogan that best sums up why young people should care. to keep the Cork Harbor area clean.

Prizes will be awarded for the two different age groups.

Entries can be made alone or in groups with up to five participants allowed per group.

Entrants are invited to email their submissions via PDF if a poster or MP4 file if a video to [email protected]


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