Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (Kinder HSPVA)


Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (Kinder HSPVA)

Kinder HSPVA Mission Statement: By cultivating artistic and academic excellence in a diverse environment, HSPVA builds the confidence and enthusiasm necessary for a fulfilled creative future.

Address: 790 Austin St., Houston, TX 77002

Call: (713) 942-1960 Fax: (713) 942-1968

Founded in 1971, Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is a fully accredited high school that specializes in rigorous training in the arts. Kinder HSPVA prepares young artists for college, conservatories and the professional arts world. While having the same academic program and graduation requirements as other HISD high schools, students also spend three hours a day in an arts discipline. All students must audition for Kinder HSPVA for a specific artistic purpose.

Fine Arts Departments

Creative writing: Major areas of study in the HSPVA Creative Writing Department include short story writing, poetry, and playwriting. To complement their studies, students also take courses in acting, digital storytelling, editing and editing.

Dance: Major areas of study in the HSPVA Dance Department include both performing and theoretical skills including ballet, modern dance, jazz, musical theatre, tap dancing, dance photography, investigation of dance, dance history, repertoire and composition. There are approximately 100 dance majors and a dance faculty of 12 leading professionals.

Music: Major areas of study in the HSPVA Music Department include Music Theory, Composition and Improvisation, Music History, Form and Analysis, Vocal Production, Sight Singing and Auditory Training, lessons in instrumental technique, chamber music, bells and class piano. The more than 330 majors can perform in classical voice, orchestral music, band music, jazz, mariachi and popular music in large and small ensembles.

Theater: The theater department has over 135 students divided into four levels. Students in Levels 1 and 2 study all aspects of theater including acting, voice and movement for acting, theater history, design, musical theatre, playwriting, dramaturgy, staging and stage management. During the Level 2 year, students will choose an area of ​​interest in which to specialize for Level 3 and 4 years of study. They will focus on practical preparation, production and performance as well as the development of auditions and portfolios for college auditions.

Visual arts: The Visual Arts curriculum is designed to give each student a solid foundation to build on and a dynamic variety of experiences that will open up ideas, inspire talent, and prepare them for challenges.

**Kinder HSPVA tuition rates are set by HISD and are subject to change annually. For the 2019-2020 school year, tuition was $12,161.

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