Is Mac Jones a visual, physical or auditory learner? Patriots QB can ‘do all three’


FOXBOROUGH — Everyone learns differently.

Some people retain information better through pictures and graphics while others can sit, listen to someone tell them what to do and they can take it in. Others learn by doing.

It’s something that New England Patriots quarterbacks coach Joe Judge is aware of when it comes to teaching players. Every player needs something different. But some players can learn in any environment.

The judge says Mac Jones is one of them.

“One thing about being a teacher is you have to learn exactly how everyone else in the class is learning,” Judge said. “Some guys are more visual or more auditory learners, where you can sit down and almost just describe it and they’re good. A lot of guys have to get up and do it. Mac has the ability to do all three.

“He has the ability to hear something and conceptualize it pretty quickly,” Judge continued. “He has the ability to see an example and understand how it is going to play out in different situations. One thing that is very good, he applies his experiences, his procedure, his practice. You can see that he fixes, adjusts and fixes issues before they become a pre-breakup issue. It was good to watch.

Jones reportedly took more control on offense in the offseason and expressed his likes and dislikes in the team’s playbook.

When it comes to Jones’ comments, the Patriots’ offensive coaches have been all ears.

“It’s about communicating openly and giving him what he needs to be successful,” Judge said. “The good thing is he’s a smart player. He’s a hard and diligent worker. He knows what he likes and is ready to tell you, but he’s also ready to try anything if it’s the best for the team. It was fun to work with.

The sophomore quarterback was a Pro Bowler in his rookie season, leading the Patriots to a 10-7 record and a playoff berth.

There will be a lot of input from the offensive side of the ball this season for the Patriots. Judge said Jones will help build the offense along with Bill Belichick, Matt Patricia and himself.

With the Patriots holding their first padded practice of training camp on Monday and the first preseason game in 10 days, Judge says the building of the offensive playbook is still “ongoing.”

“You’re always ready to make adjustments if needed, to build a different scheme or concept,” Judge said. “In terms of where we are, football is really just getting started today. There are things that we have worked on fundamentally, in terms of conditioning, terminology. … Today is the first day we go out there in pads. It’s a big step for us as a team.

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