Iran wraps up Fajr visual arts festival


Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Tehran

Iran’s capital, Tehran, hosted the award ceremony of the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival. From painters to photographers, sculptors and visual artists are welcome to the most diverse artistic event.

This year’s festival showcased some 11,000 works by more than 4,300 artists who competed in different art forms from painting, photography, sculpture, calligraphy, miniature, illustration , comics, graphic design and new media. And the best works are honored and rewarded.

The closing ceremony also paid tribute to veteran Iranian artists, including the eminent painter and graphic designer Mohammad Bahrami, whose artistic life spans eight decades.

The 95-year-old artist is known as the pioneer of modern illustration and printing in Iran. he therefore has much to tell us about art; but he kept it concise and precise.

The 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival is held every year along with other festivals under the name Fajr in different fields including film, theater and music to celebrate the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and also to honor the biggest names in different fields of art. and cultural.

Dating back almost to human history itself, the visual arts have always been linked to human life and have remained as authentic, with the least impact of technology.
Experts here say that visual artists are not only valued for their delicate works of art, but for their role in preserving this ancient heritage.


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