Hong Kong Post ‘Feel 100%’ stamps cross visual media


By David Hartwig

Hong Kong Post features illustrations and characters from a popular Hong Kong comic book series, Feel 100%, on a series of six stamps and two souvenir sheets issued on September 16.

This comic book series created by Hong Kong comic artist Lau Wan-kit revolves around a love story set in Hong Kong, according to Hong Kong Post.

The original series ran from 1992 to 2007. In 2008, the comic won the Gold Prize at the Second International Manga Award organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Feel 100% has also been adapted in movies and a TV series, and now, over a decade later, the comic contains a nostalgia factor for people who were young at the time.

Looking at these new stamps, it is clear that nothing has been lost in the transition from the comic book panel to the smallest space given in the stamps.

Each of the six stamps ($ 2.60, $ 3.40, $ 3.70, $ 4.90 and $ 5) features one or two of the comic book protagonists as brightly colored characters against a black background and white surrounded by a gray frame.

Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the background images are reproductions of pages from the comic book.

Each of the two souvenir sheets contains a single stamp ($ 10 and $ 20). The press release explains that the backgrounds of these sheets capture the moments when the male and female protagonists of the story meet.

Andrew Lo designed the stamps and souvenir sheets using comic book illustrations from Lau Wan-kit. Joh. Enschede from the Netherlands printed them by lithography. The $ 20 souvenir sheet also contains what Hong Kong Post describes as “sand and stain varnish.”

The stamps were issued in separate panels of 25 and small panels of four.

It’s never easy to revamp a children’s series for an adult audience, regardless of the medium. It’s even harder to get through the media doing this. These stamps do so in a way that will appeal to even the most special fans. Those who may not be familiar with the series may still be interested in these stamps as an example of exceptional quality and attention to detail.

For more information, visit the Hong Kong Post website.

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