Haverford Middle School honored for stellar education in visual arts


HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP, PA – Haverford Middle School was recently honored for its outstanding commitment to visual arts education, according to the district.

The Pennsylvania Art Education Association selected the school for Outstanding Visual Arts Community of 2021.

According to the association, students at Haverford Middle School celebrate the importance of a well-balanced education with opportunities to engage in arts education classes at all grade levels, K-12.

The school’s art teachers are Janiene Kwoczak, Silvino Alexander and Susan Hoffmann.

Districts receiving approval demonstrate the importance of their visual arts programs with rigorous and inclusive programs, highly accessible programs, and highly visible programs.

These opportunities prepare students for visual literacy.

Visual literacy is the new thinking and learning skills of a digital age and creative economy.

These are the types of cognitive skills that young people will need to find their place in a globally competitive workforce.

The United States Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that the arts and culture sector is a $ 699 billion industry, representing 4.3% of the country’s GDP, a larger share of the economy than the United States. transport and agriculture, according to a press release published in early 2015.

The non-profit arts industry alone generates $ 135 billion in economic activity per year (spending by organizations and their audiences) which supports 4.1 million jobs and generates $ 22.3 billion in revenue. public (Americans for the Arts, 2015).

Technological innovations such as big data, data analysis and visualization will simply increase the importance of visual and spatial learning skills.

The Pennsylvania Art Education Association commended Haverford Middle School for its active role in providing artistic education opportunities to its students and obtaining the approval of the outstanding visual arts community for 2021.


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