Guildford College showcases visual arts talent at end-of-year exhibition


Guildford College photography and art students welcomed friends, family and members of the public to their end-of-year art and photography exhibition.

Due to the lockdown, it was the first time since 2019 that the college could host a gallery collection, and the students produced outstanding work reflecting the past two years with all its challenges.

The Stoke Road campus photography studio in Guildford, Surrey has been transformed into an art gallery by students from the Visual Arts and Design programmes, showcasing the best of their creative work throughout the year.

The gallery had a busy few hours, welcoming a large number of visitors who were delighted to finally be able to see the collection.

The exhibition featured work by students from levels one, two and three and showcased a range of artistic styles including fashion, photography, mixed media, painting and sculpture, as well as stunning interactive art installations.

Lots of inspiration was drawn from a wide range of topics such as nature, current affairs, environment and identity.

One of the most striking pieces is a huge oil painting of an underwater scene, created by level three sophomore Daniel Channon. Daniel won the award for Best Final Major Project.

He said: “I recently started scuba diving as a hobby and became even more fascinated by the underwater world. I decided to express my passion for being underwater through art.

“Over the Easter holidays I went diving in Cornwall and saw so much sea life that I decided to focus my last article on this particular experience.

Dan Chanon.

“The painting was done in water mixable oils on a large 159cm x 106cm canvas – the largest canvas I have ever worked on.

“I decided to combine abstract with realism and applied layers of blue and green to give the appearance of British waters, then added detail to the rays of light, the whale skeleton and the wreck as well as the fish shown in this scene.

“I am very happy with how it has gone and now hope to continue and start the Art Foundation program here at Guildford College as I love it here and everyone has been so supportive and friendly.”

Sophomore and third-year student Gloria Stanovnik received Student of the Year and Best Major Final Project honors for her study of happiness as an emotion.

Artwork by Gloria Stanovnik.

Gloria said of her multimedia installation, “My main goal was to explore emotions and facial expressions, more specifically the feeling of happiness that you see in family photography.

“I decided to interview family members while recording them as they looked at their own personally selected image from the past, capturing their true emotions for my later pencil illustrations inspired by Chuck Close and his style of realism. .”

Gloria will return to Guildford College in September to complete her second year.

Chris Saunders, Guildford College Visual Arts Tutor, added: “I am so proud of our students who have shown resilience and commitment to succeed despite the challenges of the past two years.

“The fact that we were able to invite the public to view our exceptional collection of creative talent is also very special.”

“Our students have, once again, succeeded in producing high-level work that perfectly showcases the level of talent that we are always proud to cultivate at the college.

“We wish all of our final year two students the best of luck in their future endeavours, and look forward to welcoming new learners to Guildford College in September.”


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