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Meet the photographer behind the Miami lifestyle camera

MIAMI, Florida – January 31, 2022 – Behind the camera is a photographer with a talent for people and the vision to showcase it through a camera. Victor is a product of Miami, a hotspot for people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. As a graphic design graduate, Victor found that a seat in front of the computer did not satisfy his creative pursuits. Wanting a change of scenery, he is looking for another way. Photography enabled the travel and interaction he initially hoped for at the start of his artistic career, and since then he has continued his career as a photographer by traveling and working with different brands to promote and create content on the networks. social. In 2022, VFocus Photos LLC. aims to expand beyond internet platforms into a position of working with people around the world seeking creative ways to express themselves through photography.

About his work, Victor says, “There is something so simple yet vulnerable about portraits; to be captured through someone else’s eyes. Shooting focused on capturing your essence for multiple purposes, i.e. social media, personal brands, etc., there is a huge need for this type of content today”. The work that lifestyle shooting offers allows for creative connections with people around the world and is something he hopes to continue to achieve as his career grows and progresses. He also says his goal with photography is more than just sharing images, rather it’s “a way to inspire and promote realistic, diverse body types on social media.” It’s crucial, especially in the digital age of Photoshop and no shortage of editing tools, that the image Victor conveys is realistic and stays true to the subject of his photos so that more people see themselves accurately portrayed. in the medium of photography.

Victor’s latest activities aim to establish a more diverse and global presence. Today, content creation is becoming one of the most popular ways to grow a business and it’s through the vision of creatives like Victor that brands find their much-desired success. In addition to expanding his clientele with brands willing to exercise his creative vision, he also hopes to find continuity through his work with a lasting effect that will mark his storytelling in images for generations to come.

Victor is a Miami-based lifestyle photographer. Her work reflects brand creation and content through photography. To view Victor’s work or to book an appointment, visit:

Social media: @vfocus_photography

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Contact: Victor
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State: Florida
Country: United States


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