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I write this art column every two weeks because I am passionate about art and support local artists.

This holiday season, I want you to be passionate too! I’ve compiled a list of local galleries and encourage you to plan a fun afternoon (or two) of taking the tour. Instead of searching Amazon or clicking a pop-up ad in your Instagram feed, consider buying a piece of jewelry, a ceramic mug or sculpture, or a painting from a local artist in December… As many attest. social media memes, there are no global supply chain issues when you buy local art!

Not only will a Savannah connection make your art more meaningful, having a strong art scene is good for the well-being of our city as a whole.

My alphabetical list is far from exhaustive, and I apologize in advance to the galleries that I have omitted.

It also does not mention the many companies such as La Terra Natural Oils and the Espresso Gallery coffee shop, which promotes local artwork throughout the year: thank you.

Cedar House Gallery, 122 E. 36th Street,

The public galleries downstairs and the private art studios upstairs are in the beautiful childhood home of local estate agent Celia Dunn. Check their Instagram for news on the regular shows and take the opportunity to stroll through the beautifully restored mansion.

City market, between Ellis / Franklin squares,

The art center located upstairs in the City Market is home to over two dozen artists who deserve local support! Some of my favorites include sweetgrass basket maker Jery Taylor and painters David Laughlin, Brian MacGregor and Luba Lowry. Most locals are familiar with the street-level Signature Gallery Co-op, still going strong as it approaches its 30th year, and the fun and eclectic AT Hun Gallery where you can pick up a “Pete the Cat” collectible painting. of Savannah. – artist based James Dean.

Daedalus Gallery, 408 Taurus,

This little gem of a gallery houses the works of the painters Jacqueline Carcagno and William Weyman (1940-2015). Originally from Provence, Carcagno studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and created impressionist works richly shaped by Zen painting. Weyman, deeply influenced by Cézanne, was the co-founder of the Marchutz school in Aix, and left a legacy of beautiful, richly colored abstract and impressionist paintings.

Gallery 209, 209 E. River Street,

Located in an 1820s cotton warehouse, Gallery 209 has been in operation for almost 50 years (!) With two floors filled with original art. Some of my favorite artists include ceramicist Derek L. Larson and jeweler Kristen Baird.

George Davis Gallery of Fine Arts and Antiques, 408 Bull,

Primarily a design and antiques service store (located next to the Daedalus Gallery), this crowded little space offers a surprisingly impressive collection of contemporary paintings that includes the full magisterial tunes of SCAD Professor Jeff Markowsky.

Grand Bohemian Gallery, 700 Drayton,

Director Carmen Aguirre has done a remarkable job of integrating local art into what could have been a generic gallery very geared towards tourism. Located inside the mansion on Forsyth Park, Aguirre regularly exhibits the work of such talented locals as Stacie Jean Albano, Heather L. Young and Julia Christian.

Kobo Gallery, 33 Barnard,

I love this small space! Artists strive to piece together and rearrange their work so that there is always something fresh and new to see and buy. Longtime members include painter Daniel E. Smith, woodcarver Dicky Stone, fiber artist Doris Grieder, jeweler Nancy Boyd and photographer David Kaminsky.

Laney Contemporary, 1810 Mills B. Lane Boulevard,

Definitely the sexiest gallery on the list, absolutely love everything about this amazing space housed inside a brutalist bunker of a building that more people need to experience for themselves! Owner Susan Laney features contemporary emerging artists, while also representing Savannah luminaries such as Betsy Cain, Marcus Kenney and Katherine Sandoz, and has the right to sell images of our city’s photography icon, Jack Leigh. Be sure to support regional artists and creators at Laney Contemporary’s annual vacation store on Friday, December 10 from 6 to 9 p.m., until December 22.

Location gallery, 251 Taurus,

Energizer-bunny curator Peter Roberts is constantly promoting and putting on exciting group shows featuring a plethora of local artists, many of whom would otherwise not be represented in a gallery. All shows benefit a Savannah nonprofit. Currently, the giant and self-explanatory “$ 300 and under” (for the benefit of WRUU Community Radio) offers an no-apologies opportunity to pick up a special gift for yourself or a loved one at an affordable price.

Reynolds Square Gallery of Fine Arts, 31 Abercorn,

Providing an oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, this beautifully appointed gallery represents some of Savannah’s most collected artists, including acclaimed sculptor Susie Chisholm, photographer Mark Uzmann and painters Joe Saffold, Betsy Cain, June Stratton and Sharon McIntosh.

Roots Up Gallery, 230 West Bay,

Recently moved to a beautiful ground floor space inside CorkHouse, Leslie Lovell continues to curate an outstanding collection of outdoor southern folk art and ’emotional’ works by skilled artists in a variety of mediums.

Savannah Art Gallery, 304 East Bryan,

The subject of my last column, this newly opened space houses a rich variety of paintings, woodwork, jewelry and photographs. This month’s Spotlight artist is William Kwamena-Poh.

Sulfur Studios, 2301 Taurus,

Constantly improving their game, Sulfur Studios is constantly showcasing and supporting exciting emerging local artists through their Main Gallery, Sulfur Shop, 26 Private Artist Studios, Drive Thru Art Box @ Green Truck Pub and their ON :: View Artist Residency . A non-profit project of ARTS Southeast, their mission is to make Savannah a destination for arts and culture in the South East. Currently, the gallery presents “White Elephant VII”, the 7th annual holiday exhibition for supporters of affordable art created by its supporters. Everything is priced at $ 200 and less!

Tatiana von Tauber Gallery, 509 Barnard,

Von Tauber, art educator and co-host of WRUU’s “Women on Top” talk show, recently took a leap of faith by opening this namesake gallery to exhibit her own erotic and sexually charged art. Maybe her sultry paintings will make a perfect holiday gift for the love interest in your life? Stop by to find out.

Tiffani Taylor Gallery, 11 Whitaker Street,

One of the city’s most prolific and commercially oriented artists, this SCAD graduate’s sunny gallery houses a vast collection of original paintings, inkjets and “lifestyle collector” items such as scarves, phone cases, baby clothes and ceramics. Potential for a definite gift if you like her feminine, witty and joyful style, often inspired by her stays in France and Italy.

Of course, countless artists from all walks of life are represented by the Landing Arts Association and by the venerable centenary Savannah Arts Association which now has three spaces to showcase members’ work: the gallery at Savannah Hilton-Head International Airport, Pace Lighting & Home Store off Chatham Parkway and Alexander’s Bistro, a new cafe opening this weekend. end at 1201 Bull.

Finally, let me greet the Irritable Pelican Craftsmen Gallery on Tybee Island; Merchants on Bee (by Grayson Stadium) which has become an affordable gallery space for many local artists; and Marais & Cie on Wilmington Island, a fabulous boutique for makers, artists and vendors.

Once again, my apologies to the galleries that I left out. Please feel free to contact me at BethLogan1733 @ gmail or on Instagram @bethelogan


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