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As part of the SKPop GRAMMYs of 2022 roundup, we’re looking at the category for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media.

Audio and visual media have a relationship as old as their own history. Their use in movies has immortalized many songs. Directors like Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright take pride in digging up old tunes and bringing them to life by using them in their movies.

The Grammy for Compilation Soundtrack honors movie albums that select the best songs to fit and elevate their viewing pleasures.

Nominated for this year’s GRAMMY Awards for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media

1) Cruella (various artists)

Disney’s latest heroic tale of a villainous story emerged as an ultra-chic fashion showdown between Emma Stone’s Cruella and Emma Thompson’s Baroness. The extravagant costume design and explosive performances of the two leads caught the eye.

The soundtrack was also an integral part of the pizzaz, delivering banger upon banger to the beat of the two fashionistas. The compilation contains pop, soul, disco and a lot of rock. Florence and the Machine recorded an original theme called call me cruel.

2) Dear Evan Hansen (various artists)

This coming-of-age musical film directed by Stephen Chbosky failed to impress critics and audiences alike.

But the soundtrack contains original and cover tunes, which reveal the musical nature of the film. Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Dan + Shay, Finneas and Tori Kelly find a place in the film. Ben Platt contributes a host of serious acoustic pop ballads that are a joy to listen to.

3) In the Heights (Various Artists)

hamilton the film adaptation of the Broadway musical by creator Lin-Manuel Miranda In the heights features members of a predominantly Dominican community in Washington Heights who pursue their sueñitos (small dreams) for a better life.

The soundtrack has all the Latino flavor it deserves and more. Alwaysa doo-wop version of Siempre (the original Broadway tune) isn’t even on the soundtrack, but it’s a fascinating number.

4) One Night in Miami… (Leslie Odom Jr. & Various Artists)

A gripping alternate history film about a fictional encounter between African-American icons Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke has a soundtrack hosted by Leslie Odom Jr., the second hamilton alum on this list.

Odorn plays soul icon Sam Cooke in the film, and he uses Cooke originals, contributions from other black musical legends and jazz cuts by Terence Blanchard to create a driving soundscape worthy of high-octave drama. of the movie.

5) Respect (Jennifer Hudson)

This category is incomplete without a musical biopic. Jennifer Hudson’s soundtrack for The respecther tribute to the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was a Grammys shoo-in.

Hudson resurrects some of Aretha’s greatest hits while earnestly trying to channel the raw emotion behind them as well. She sparks legitimate chills with her rendition of the song, after which the name takes her name. It’s the perfect gateway for new generations to the timeless music of Aretha.

6) Schmidadon! Episode 1 (various artists)

This musical starring SNL star Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key is a tribute and parody of Golden Age musicals. It tells the story of a couple on the rocks stuck in a musical, which takes place in a town named Schmigadoon!

Much of the runtime is given to spontaneous bursts of song, which always baffles the two protagonists. The gimmick doesn’t go sour because of the limitless energy flowing from each piece.

7) USA vs. Billie Holiday (Andra Day)

Andra Day embodies the queen of jazz and swing of yesteryear in this biopic. She’s been nominated for every award imaginable for her issues, the irony being that Holiday won all of her Grammys posthumously.

The soundtrack wears Billie Holiday’s hat for singing many jazz and blues standards and original tunes composed for the late singer. Day’s natural voice is an octave higher than Holiday’s, but his soulful renditions of the late great’s tunes make for a fantastic listen.

Who do you think will win the Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media?

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