Beaconhouse School System Hosts 3rd Learning Agency Paradigm Conference in Karachi


KARACHI, Pakistan: Beaconhouse, the largest network of private educational institutions in the country, successfully hosted its third Learner Agency Paradigm (LAP) conference at the Beaconhouse Defense Campus in the southern region of Karachi.

This LAP 2022 conference brought together learners, teachers and employees of Beaconhouse School System (BSS) and is the third installment in its series of conferences which were introduced early last year.

The LAP 2022 conference was organized to cultivate learner agency – a concept that is gaining momentum in educational institutions as a means of fostering learners’ ability to positively navigate life, creating a significant impact on their situation.

A total of 165 project submissions were received across the country, of which 10 learner projects were showcased at the Karachi conference. The projects focused on various initiatives undertaken by students to become active contributors to their environment.

The session also included a virtual keynote from Beaconhouse Managing Director Kasim Kasuri, who said at the event, “Agency learning has quickly become an important aspect of the education provided on Beaconhouse campuses across the country. national scale. The concept gives students responsibility for their own learning, allowing them to develop a voice and take goal-oriented initiatives. There is no shortage of students eager to empower themselves and bring change around them, and as an educator, I am proud to see them making these LAP conferences their own.

Among the 10 projects, the ‘Taleem Sub Ka Bunyadi Haq’ initiative was undertaken by BSS students in Quetta to raise awareness and support education programs for girls in Balochistan to tackle the low literacy rate of women. Under the “Charagh-e-Ilm” project, students were inspired to give back to society as active learners and participants, by developing a comprehensive and high-quality educational program aimed at increasing the knowledge base of BSS support staff in schools.

The project “The Battle of Multiple Intelligence” presented by middle school students introduced a revolutionary competition between campuses targeting several levels of learners’ intelligence, such as their visual, research, analytical, creative, critical and digital skills.

Other project themes included science, literature, fitness and health, entrepreneurship, cybercurrency and the challenges of Covid-19.

LAP lectures are an effort by BSS to empower students, ensuring learners are equipped with the right skills to deal with challenging circumstances and prepare them to meaningfully influence their world as global and future citizens. leaders.

The Beaconhouse School System has a 46-year heritage of educational expertise and currently has over 315,000 students.


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