Armenian Legislative Caucus of California Announces Scholarships and Visual Arts


The Armenian Legislative Caucus of California is holding two scholarship competitions for the 2022 Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. California high school students in grades 9-12 are invited to participate in an essay contest and/or visual arts contest to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide on its anniversary.

All winners will be contacted directly and announced to mainstream and Armenian media by the California Armenian Legislative Caucus on April 15, 2022. All winners will receive scholarships and will be recognized at the annual Armenian Legislative Caucus of California Armenian Advocacy Day and receive special recognition from members of the Armenian Caucus. Original artwork will be requested from visual arts applicants if they are selected as finalists for a possible exhibition at the California State Capitol.

The criteria for each competition are detailed below. Students can participate in both contests, but submissions must be submitted separately.

Trial Scholarships:

First place: $1,000
Second place: $750
Third place: $500

Visual Arts Scholarships:

First place: $1,000
Second place: $750
Third place: $500

The deadline for all essay and visual arts submissions is April 8, 2022.

Compose prompt

This year’s writing prompt invites students to assume that:

  1. They were hired to work for a yet to be built Armenian American National Museum, with the museum to be located in Glendale, California.
  2. They learned from the museum director that one wing of the museum will be titled Notable Armenian Americans.
  3. They should share with the director, in the form of an internal memo (template here), the name of a person who should be in that wing of the museum and the reason(s) why that name should be.

All submissions must be received by the Armenian Legislative Caucus of California electronically no later than April 8, 2022.

Visual Arts Invite

This year’s theme is “Human Interaction”. All applicants must develop their original submission in keeping with this theme.

  1. Personal statement (300-500 words) explaining the artwork and how it relates to the theme of human interaction. In the top left corner, applicants should include: name, age, primary address, high school, year, teacher’s name and subject (if applicable), phone number, and email address
  2. Only two-dimensional visual art submissions will be accepted. Submission types are limited to drawings, paintings, photographs, digital illustrations and graphic design.
  3. Submissions cannot exceed an 11×17 frame and must weigh less than 25 pounds.
  4. Submissions may not include nudity, excessive and/or graphic violence, racial slurs, derogatory and/or offensive language, profanity, and may not use or reproduce existing artwork.

All submissions must be received by the Armenian Legislative Caucus of California electronically on or before April 8, 2022 using this submission form.

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