Alonzo Davis: 20 years of art exhibition in Maryland | visual arts


A solo exhibition that summarizes the life, travels, practice and works of Davis. In the Kay Gallery until July 23. Opening on May 14, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

In the work, Davis interprets his archaeological reflections and the materiality of the cultures he connects with, be it ancestral, aesthetic, political or spiritual connection. The artist’s affinities with West Africa, parts of Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, Mexico, Native America and the southern United States are apparent throughout this work. . The union of bamboo, wood and beeswax with man-made materials – LEDs, plastic, rubber, synthetic fabrics and metals serves as a clever acknowledgment of new technologies’ reliance on age-old natural resources and techniques – “high tech -low tech” in his words. Recurring images: boats, maps, paths, doors, skylines and mysterious portals highlight the intention of the artist – as an adventurer, researcher or in search of a destination, and encourage the viewer to reach it.

The artist’s commentary on global, social and environmental realities are increasingly central to his practice: climate change, issues of social justice and immigration. The use of ballistic vests, boats, navigation charts and windsurfing sails are visual metaphors the artist has chosen to address the loss and future of humanity. In her most recent works, Davis engages new media, collaborative orchestration with other artistic mediums, such as video collage, performance art, dance, and socially engaged public interventions to unveil new relationships.

Ultimately, the work is bound by the stories told by Alonzo Davis. Whether the spirit of these stories is palpable or subtly disguised, the art of Alonzo Davis pays homage to the people, cultures and historical events that played a central role in his artistic practice and made possible his arrival at this time. precise.


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