Mi México Querido, por Peter Ong

Imagen 6

Imagen 2 Thank you so very much for inviting me to Cumbre Mundial de

Diseno en Prensa.

I know this is late, but I thought it would be good if I gave

you my impression on the congress as well as the beautiful

experiences I had enjoyed in Mexico City.

When I told my family and friends that I was going to Mexico,

everybody was rather worried. Their first responses to me

were: “Is it safe?”.

“Better be careful because we hear of all the killings of

journalists in Mexico”

“Better not go out at night because it’s not safe.”

Even in some of the travel books that I read before going

to Mexico, there were many paragraphs asking tourists to be


Two or three weeks before I left Australia to go to Mexico, I

had many sleepless nights thinking about the dangers! What if

I went and not return to my family? What if someone kidnapped

me? These fears were very real!

But after staying in Mexico City for about a week, I must say

that all my friends and family’s fears were totally unfounded!

I was not kidnapped. I was not mugged and robbed. I was not

accosted by thugs in the streets.

In fact, I felt so safe I walked everywhere in Mexico City,

many times on my own and at night! The police presence

everywhere in the city centre was also very reassuring. At

almost every corner, there were two or three cops standing by.

It really gave me a sense of being very very safe.

I had a fantastic time in your beautiful city. The people I

met were so friendly and helpful I could not have asked for

more. When I got lost walking in the city, people were ever

willing to help.

Shopping was great fun too. The service at many of the stores

I visited is comparable to that in First World countries like

the UK and USA. But the best thing is that Mexico City is

so cheap for us Australians because of the very favourable

exchange rate! I wish I could go and shop in Mexico again.

I was also struck by the many historical and archaeological

places and buildings in your city. I thoroughly enjoyed

visiting the various museums. Diego Riviera’s murals were

simply awesome. The arts museum is fantastic. The list is too

long but you know what I mean.

My only regret is that I did not have enough time to visit

other parts of Mexico. I would have loved to see the pyramids,

the many beach resorts, and other archaeological sites in your

country, and lots more!

Perhaps there will be another time. But next time I will

definitely bring my wife along. And plenty of money for


Thank you once again for inviting me to speak at CMDP. I look

forward to visiting your country again soon.